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Is This the Best Real Estate Listing Description in Dallas?

Yeah. Probably.

The editors of D Home have laid eyes on many a local real estate listing. Usually, they’re pretty straightforward. They talk about (and occasionally misspell) Carrara marble, vaulted ceilings, or gourmet kitchens. Sometimes they get a little kooky and over-the-top. They might inexplicably be in all-caps or have an excessive amount of punctuation. That’s fine! There are only so many ways to describe a breakfast nook after all.

But, on occasion, a real estate listing comes along with a description that’s so wonderfully out-of-left-field that you find yourself slow clapping before you even get to the slideshow. In a medium-size paragraph, it manages to fit in references to both Princess Charlotte and Snoop Dogg, Bond and Batman, and somehow pulls off the phrase “build a banging pool.”

Some such listing might go like this.

Bond, and you like it shaken not stirred quote but you do what you want, so you might stir this one up. You’re Batman, and demand your elegant seclusion. Surrounded by a sheer Austin stone bluff and dynamic running creek, your exquisite fortress provides respite from the bustling city nearby. You’re Snoop Dogg and you like to throw some serious celebrations. On your 2 Acre estate, you can make a little noise, build a banging pool, and look up at the stars, long into the night. You’re Princess Charlotte and you like to jump ponies. Oh, yes Princess, you may bring a pony too! Elegantly updated, and defined by nature, whatever your dream, this most enviable East Kessler Estate is your fantasy come true.

Basically, 626 Rainbow Drive is a real work of art. (The North Oak Cliff house is pretty great, too!) Mad props, real estate listing description writer. Way to “stir this one up.”