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Hot Property: High Tech Highland Park New Build

You want heated towel racks and a phantom parking lift? You got it.

I have a confession. I have creepily peered into the windows of this home several times as construction on it came to a close. A close friend lives next door, and I’ve subconsciously been tracking the process of 3414 Beverly Drive and its beautiful, beautiful front walkway landscaping for some time.

But who cares about my personal life, right? I’m sorry I brought it up! I only did it to explain that given my stalker-like ways, I got a kick out of seeing the interior shots of this home, and I think you will too, dear reader.

It’s not just that the interior is striking, which it absolutely is with its natural design elements, stone-filled bathrooms, and numerous stackable doors. But the real thrill of exploring this home is discovering that, in addition to having a private courtyard in the middle of the home (nature!), it also has warming drawers, heated towel racks, phantom screens that can turn that backed patio into a screened-in room, and an underground 8-car garage with a phantom lift (for reference).

The very last sentence of the online listing states that you “Must see to believe!” In this case, I think you just might.


By the Numbers
  • 3414 Beverly Drive
  • $7,795,000
  • 10,282 Square Feet
  • 2017 (Year Built)
  • 6 Bedrooms
  • 6.2 Bathrooms
  • 3 Fireplaces
  • 1 Underground Garage