10010 Lennox Lane

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3 Preston Hollow Homes with Perfect Backyards

Make the most of your great outdoors.

Let’s be honest, Texas summers can be miserable if done the wrong way. 100-plus degrees and stir-crazy children make for a long three months. But, house hunters, you’re in luck. These available houses come equipped with ways to make summer ’17 the best yet one.

4833 Walnut Hill Lane

Photography by Costa Christ

The Price: $3,600,000

Why You Need This Yard: This home offers two separate but conjoined pools that are ideal for sunny days. There’s yard space big enough for a tennis court – or a trampoline – and it includes covered outdoor kitchen/living/dining spaces. The patios are a perfect place to host a pizza party for your kids and their friends. The PTA better watch out, because the next “cool parent” just showed up.

10010 Lennox Lane

Courtesy of Ebby Halliday

The Price: $3,300,000

Why You Need This Yard: There are plenty of spaces for kids and dogs to run wild and play. You could put in a playhouse and still have more than enough room left. There’s so much room for activities!

6810 Mimosa Lane

Courtesy of Dave Perry-Miller

The Price: $1,995,000

Why You Need This Yard: For the grownups, there’s a crystal pool where you can lay out and sip a mimosa. For the kids, there’s a basketball court and lots of space to run. Bring on the heat!



  • MattL1

    The first and last one have STRIKINGLY similar backyards. Identical, even.