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Beating the Monogram Monotony

Skyler Baty teaches us how to keep this classic look fresh.
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Jewelry bags are a favorite for business owner Skyler Baty. Courtesy photo

Monogramming has been around a long time, and there are countless ways to do it, but sometimes it’s hard to avoid doing the same embellishments. We talked to expert Skyler Baty—proprietor of Skyler Baty Monograms—to find the freshest styles for summer.

What’s the story behind your company? 

SB: My dad passed away last year, and when he was in hospice care, I had to take family medical leave and focus on being with him. One day I was driving and I saw a sign for a sewing store and thought, “Wow, I need to learn how to do that,” because I’ve always wanted to. I grew up watching my grandma sew, and I always gave monogrammed gifts. So I took embroidery and started my own business, and now I give a dollar of every order to cancer research in honor of him.

What are some fresh styles and ideas for summertime? 

SB: Everyone is different and has their own aesthetic. The personalized monogram is the most popular thing, whether it be a wedding logo on a cocktail napkin or a ranch logo on guest towels. Anything can be customized.

With so many different styles, fonts, and colors, monogramming is pretty dynamic. What are the most popular styles right now?

SB: Animals for sure—I do a lot of birds, butterflies, and longhorns on ranch logos. For moms, backpacks for their kids are popular, especially for camp.

What do you think of monogrammed cocktail napkins for the pool? 

SB: I love the idea! I do palm trees and pineapples. The fiesta cocktail napkins have taken off, but my personal favorite are the margarita ones. They’re really fun for the summer.

Summer is graduation season. What are ways to incorporate a monogram for a graduation gift?

SB: You can do beach towels, towel wraps for college, jewelry holders, and other travel accessories. Sometimes I do monogrammed pajamas and pillowcases as well. There are lots of options for the dorm room. For boys, monogrammed koozies and pocket squares are very popular. College logos are also great on gifts for high school graduates.

What makes the best monogrammed gift? 

SB: Cocktail napkins for entertaining—it’s an “everybody” gift—or a jewelry bag that women can put in their purse. I bring one everywhere I go, usually with lipstick in it, but it works for traveling as well.

What are some fun, unusual things to monogram? 

SB: Wine coolers! Also pillow shams. I think some people are too scared to embroider something that large on their bed, but they look so fantastic.

Have the most popular styles changed since you started? 

SB: Yes. More and more people were stuck in their traditional ways in a cursive or script style of a monogram, but now people want to be a little different and set themselves apart. The styles have gone to a little less frilly with more straight edges. Now, people are wanting something different.

How should you decide what style to use? Are there “unwritten rules” for fonts and colors? 

SB: You have to see what font goes best with your initials. Sometimes an “L” will look like a “C” in specific fonts, so we always play with the font to see what looks the best. It’s all completely customizable, and every single order is a little bit different.

Baty’s business offers more than 30 styles of monograms—just about everything can be customized. Visit her website for more. 

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