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The 4 Best Things About Taking a Shower at NorthPark

In addition to the shower itself.

Dallas doesn’t want for incredible showrooms, and yet, Pirch in NorthPark Center still feels special. Appliances from renowned, high-end brands are hooked up and running in the showroom. The friendly staff at their Bliss Café offers complimentary lattes or jalapeño lemonade on arrival. And then there’s Pirch’s promise that you can take everything for a spin before you buy.

Even a shower.

Contrary to my belief, I couldn’t just walk in and demand to take a shower. (Though, how great would that be?) I would have to reserve “The Sanctuary” first. I sent a virtual message, and within an hour I was set to bath in a semi-public place the next week.

Now, if you’re thinking that the whole reservation thing takes all the clandestine fun out of it, you’re wrong. There’s still something strange and oddly appealing about taking a shower in a building where people also purchase Auntie Anne’s pretzels.

In addition to being the most luxurious shower I’ve ever taken, here are a few things I loved about the experience.


  1. You Get to Be in the Mall When It’s Closed

When you book The Sanctuary, they’ll schedule your appointment at 9am (an hour before the mall opens). Ever since The OC’sMallpisode” aired back in 2005, the idea of being in a mall after (or before) hours has been a dream. I didn’t get to play hockey with my friends or make out with Seth Cohen in a tent display, but it was still pretty cool.


  1. The Intense Amount of Shower Heads

Depending on what you’re shopping for, The Sanctuary has two baths that double as Jacuzzis, and two massive showers that transform into saunas. But there are also an insane amount of high-end shower heads—like a bonkers amount. You can control them all through a keypad and conduct your own shower head symphony of sorts. It’s a powerful feeling.


  1. You Can Go to Neiman Marcus Right After

By the time you’ve finished taking your Gwyneth Paltrow-level shower, you may feel like an entirely new person who needs an entirely new wardrobe after their transformative bathing excursion. Luckily, Pirch is just a few stores away from the entrance to Neimans. Go for it.


  1. Light Therapy is Cool 

In addition to rainfall shower heads, essential oil diffusers, and turning into a personal sauna, The Sanctuary’s showers also feature light therapy. This is something I don’t fully understand, but at one point, a large screen turned red and I felt something. Maybe it was just my fancy shower, or the thought of the free latte that awaited me at the Bliss Cafe, but that something felt a lot like happiness.

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