Photos courtesy of LoweCo.


Welcome Spring With These Pretty, Plant-Able Cards

There are more than sweet sentiments in Bachelor alum Catherine Lowe’s luxe stationery.

Is there anything more heartrending than the moment you’re forced to discard a handwritten card? (Of course there is. But for this sake of this post please bear with us.) If only we could hold onto all the various birthday cards or thank you notes from loved ones, but alas, that would make us hoarders.

Thankfully, one smart Dallasite has come up with a brilliant solution—one that’s perfect for the first day of spring. Bachelor alum Catherine Lowe just rolled out a new collection for her cleverly named stationary line, LoweCo. Made with 100 percent recycled paper and non-invasive wildflower seeds, Cards That Grow can be coveted throughout the years, without being shoved into a drawer.

The new collection offers three perfectly neutral messages (‘HI.’, ‘HAPPY HAPPY’, and ‘IT’S A BIG DAY’), ensuring an eco-friendly, plant-able card is appropriate for any occasion.