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Inside Lovely Bride’s Chic Uptown Boutique

The laid back bridal shop's interior is as fresh as its wares.
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Inside Lovely Bride’s Chic Uptown Boutique

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Indie bridal shop Lovely Bride established its Uptown Dallas boutique after launching in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and eight other cities. Its legacy developed from the unique array of designer dresses and accessories, which has no fear of lace, ruffles, or sequins. The family-run store aims to make every bride’s dream come true—starting with her dress and ending with a memorable experience. The store itself contains local artwork and elegant furniture with custom-designed wallpaper and three-way mirrors. Stay tuned, as other standout features are sure to follow with their ever-changing collection of Dallas style.


Why did you decide to open a Lovely Bride location in Dallas? 

Growing up, my family owned a flower shop. I enjoyed sitting at the counter and flipping through stacks of wedding magazines while I picked out my future gown. Needless to say, I’ve always been a bit of a “wed-head!”


What drew you to the space in Uptown?

The space is simply magic. It has the most amazing energy; I find myself never wanting to leave! It was the very first location we saw, but it felt right from the minute we pulled in.


How does the Dallas location and its aesthetic differ from your other locations?

Lovely is known for its laid back atmosphere, so I mixed that with my love of all things modern and added a cool southwest vibe.


What do you think Lovely Bride brings to the bridal scene in Dallas that may have been missing?

Lovely Dallas has designers you won’t find anywhere else in Texas: Carol Hannah (Project Runway!), Alexandra Grecco, Odylyne the Ceremony, Limor Rosen, Louvienne, Suzanne Harward, Kate McDonald, Chosen, Savannah Miller, and more. So many brides tell me they want something different from what they’ve already seen—and that’s why they come to Lovely!


What else is unique about your store? What draws brides in, and what impresses them the most about their shopping experience?

Brides love hearing that my fiancé and I opened the store together! He runs the office and keeps the store operating, while I play dress up with the girls. My future mother-in-law takes appointments on the weekends and offers a mother’s perspective, making it a family affair. Likewise, if we need a male perspective, Nick can offer his. We always have fun with our appointments and make really great friends in the process. I don’t think that’s something brides get everywhere.


Are there any pieces you’d like to call out about the shop?

I’m head over heels for our huge three-way mirrors; they’re simply amazing. We also have a dreamy custom wallpaper going up that I cannot wait to share!


Are there any pieces from Dallas shops or artists in the shop? If so, tell us more! 

Yes, Laken from Woven Laine is an absolute doll—her work is so special. I fell in love with one of her pieces, so she made a giant replica for me! It completely makes the room.