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Crystals for Every Room of the House

Spencer Pratt may have been onto something.
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Selenite helps purge negativity from your home.

Channel positive energy, dispel negative thoughts, and relieve stress to prime mental clarity. Get our thoughts, along with personalized recommendations from Sheryl Baird, the manager and buyer of Silver Pyramid in Richardson, Texas.


Workspace or Office

Stone: Citrine

Courtesy of Citrine Home in San Antonio, Texas
Courtesy of Citrine Home in San Antonio, Texas

When placed in the left corner of a room, authentic, unheated citrine can trigger all sorts of positive effects. Most notably, citrine promotes growth and financial success, though it also acts as a cleanser that counteracts negative energy. Even better, the distinct orange color of this “merchant’s stone” will jazz up any space.


Entire Home

Stones: Black Tourmaline and Selenite

Selenite Candle Holder via

These two stones are natural protectors that also “purge negativity from your home.” place them in the farthest four corners in your house to grid the area. The combination of these two stones will decrease stress, bring peace to the home, and remove energy pollution. Plus, the chic black and angelic white colors are easy to incorporate with your current décor.


Living Room

Stone: Clear Quartz and Pink Himalayan Salt

via D Home Pinterest

Pure quartz (aka “The Master Healer“) conveys clarity and positivity—which one might infer given its lovely clear shade—while enhancing the effectiveness of any nearby crystal. With the help of a Pink Himalayan Salt lamp, Baird explains that “you can restore harmony to a room by alleviating mental and physical discomfort.” Together, this duo diminishes harmful energy emitted from technological devices like the television. In terms of design, the soft pink of the lamp will add a natural glow, while pure quartz can add a touch of sophistication.



Stones: Red Tiger Eye

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

Red tiger eye might benefit a cook who is stuck in a culinary rut. This strikingly stylish stone encourages creativity, so don’t be surprised if dinner suddenly gets tastier with this lying around.


Master Bedroom

Stone: Rose Quartz

Acrylic bookends by Dallas-based Times Two Design
Acrylic bookends by Dallas-based Times Two Design

Rose quartz fits anywhere, but we recommend in the bedroom because this rosy crystal increases feelings of tenderness and love. Whether your goal is to heighten romance or self-acceptance, placing this stone on a nightstand, in a windowsill, or underneath a pillow should help balance your heart chakra. The subtle pink tint might add some depth to your décor anyway.



Stones: Blue Calcite or Aquamarine

Blue Calcite Bowl courtesy of Andrea Estelle Designs

“Anything with a light blue tone will help create a peaceful, spa-like environment,” Baird says. Blue calcite not only soothes the mind, but it can release bodily tension and pain. Aquamarine is a meditative stone that has the ability to instill confidence and clarity in individuals; likewise, it can heal ailments associated with the throat or with breathing. Together, these stones promote calmness and tranquility.


Kid’s Room or Spiritual Space

Stone: Amethyst

Amethyst and Bronze Lamps courtesy of Craig Van Den Brulle

Amethyst calms and stabilizes emotions. This deep violet stone can heal, as well as prevent nightmares. To promote restful sleep, tuck the lilac stone underneath your child’s pillow.



Stones: Green Aventurine

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

Green Aventurine allows your plants promotes growth and longevity in plants, and is often considered the luckiest of all crystals. It can be buried underground among grass, flowers, trees, and plants. The implementation of this earthy green crystal encourages healthy surroundings and minimizes atmospheric pollution, thereby allowing plants to absorb nutrients and flourish.


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