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What You Can Buy in Winnetka Heights

Looking to become a local?
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121 N Winnetka Avenue

For more than a century, Winnetka Heights has been known as one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Dallas. Today, the idyllic area is acknowledged for its proximity to the Bishop Arts District and some of Dallas’ most popular shops and restaurants, but the historic Prairie and Arts and Crafts homes still stand along those lovely lovely streets.

If you’re looking to become a local, we’ve rounded up a few available opportunities.


121 N Winnetka Avenue


PRICE: $659,000

NUMBERS: 3 Bedrooms / 3.1 Bathrooms / 2,594 Square Feet

HIGHLIGHTS: The picture-perfect Prairie home has been renovated to include stunning stainless steel appliances, marble finishes, and modern lighting, all while showing off the ’20s era molding and soaring ceilings.


131 N Edgefield Avenue



NUMBERS: 4 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms / 1,995 Square Feet

HIGHLIGHTSThis charming blue home is priced well for updates, but we wouldn’t dare touch the living areas’ hardwood floors or the cozy layout of this well-lit abode.


400 N Clinton Avenue


PRICE: $565,000

NUMBERS: 4 Bedrooms / 2.1 Bathrooms /2,268 Square Feet

HIGHLIGHTS: The pretty yellow home boasts clean lines, fine finishes, and some gorgeous stained glass in the well-appointed kitchen. I am a little concerned about one room—you’ll know it when you see it in the slideshow—that someone seems to be using as a closet. I’d suggest you don’t.