Seven Dallas Design Snapchats You Should Be Following

Snap that.

Here on the D Home blog, we spend a lot of time talking about Instagram—as we should, it’s perfect for the design community—but it’s about time we turn our attention to that other thing the millennials are digging: Snapchat.

I’ve been getting on my soapbox quite a bit recently for this yellow, ghost-adorned app, mainly to defend the power of Snapchat to my parents and coworkers. It’s not just for teens, and it can be beneficial to brands. Birchbox is killing it! So here, I’ll focus my own millennial eye on a few Dallas design-related Snapchats that offer an intimate look at some of our favorite shops, brands, and tastemakers.


1. Ceylon et Cie (ceylonetcie)

What You’ll See: Colorful shopping trips with Michelle Nussbaumer and showroom announcements.



2. Neiman Marcus (neimansnaps)

What You’ll See: Live coverage of in-store events, fashion weeks, and loads of style.



3. GAIA (gaiaforwomen)

What You’ll See: What it takes to achieve every picture-perfect snap we see on GAIA’s Instagram.



4. Hilary Rose Walker (hilaryrwalker)

What You’ll See: A day in the life of stylist and D Home favorite Hilary Walker, which we assure her is more exciting than she thinks.


5. Flea Style (flea_style)

What You’ll See: A behind-the-scenes look at the Dallas-based flea market, and lots of face time with its cutely-dressed employees. We imagine this one will ramp up its content creation when we get closer to their fall show.



6. Lion & Witch (lionandwitch)

What You’ll See: New in-store items and glimpses of the always-chic Oak Lawn Avenue boutique.



7. Kimberly Whitman (kimberlywhitman)

What You’ll See: We’re new to following Schlegel, and haven’t yet seen anything from her yet, but we’re sure whatever she snaps will be lovely (and beautifully monogrammed).





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