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Redfin Says Hottest Neighborhood in Dallas Is in Plano

Good luck, house hunters.
Redfin says this Plano house, now on the market, is
Redfin says this Plano house is “hot.”

Real estate website Redfin has worked up a bit of clickbait ranking the top three hottest neighborhoods in metropolitan areas from sea to shining sea.

For Dallas-Plano-Irving, they are:

1. Park Forest, in Plano between Spring Creek Parkway and Parker Road, west of Alma

2. Cityplace, though you likely know it better as the portion of Uptown north of Hall Street.

3. Hollywood Heights-Santa Monica

These are the numbers they’re using to justify their rankings:

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 4.31.48 PM

Redfin defines a “Hot Home” as one that has an 80 percent or better likelihood of selling within the next two weeks. Only eight days on the market in Park Forest? Good luck, house hunters.