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Four Keys to Winter Herb Garden Success

Herb appeal.
When we think “gardening expert,” a few local green thumbs might come to mind, but Dallas Arboretum’s Vice President of Gardens Dave Forehand certainly makes his way to the forefront. Each week, we’ll be sharing Forehand’s seasonal gardening tips and insight. Today, Dave’s talking herb gardens.


With clean eating on everyone’s mind, herb gardens are all the rage in the New Year. There are a number of herbs that can thrive during our mild winters in North Texas. One large container can handle four or five herbs, but you can also plant each in its own smaller container. Whether you’re using your herb garden for tasty recipes or purely for decoration, here are four keys to herb garden success.


Keys to herb container success:

– Good, well-drained potting soil in the containers is key.

– Fertilizing the soil using a timed released granule is an easy way to keep the plants healthy and growing.

– Don’t forget to water the containers. Winter plants need good moisture to grow.

Most important: Select the right plants for this time of year.**