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Dallas’ Jackie Jordan on Color Forecasting and Landing a Creative Dream Job

Get to know the hue guru.
There are certain occupations that will always elicit the same response: “How’d you get that job?” Jackie Jordan, Director of Color Marketing for Sherwin-Williams, has one of those coveted positions. I got to chat with the Dallas-based hue guru for this month’s issue, but of course, our conversation proved too fruitful to squeeze onto one pretty page.

Here, we’re sharing a little more about this talented Dallasite: how a color forecast actually comes together, and Jackie’s advice on finding a unique, creative career.

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How did you arrive at 2016’s color forecast for Sherwin-Williams?

Every February, our trend team convenes in a large conference room in Cleveland, Ohio (Sherwin-Williams’ corporate headquarters). Our room heats up with passionate conversation and spirited debate (maybe due in part to the dreary, frigid winter weather). Materials, imagery, and color samples are infinitely arranged and rearranged until we ultimately reach that definitive pinnacle of success, and four distinct color stories emerge.


How would you define “success” here?

Success comes when we collectively concur that the drivers impacting future design trends are significant, meaningful, and relevant; that the influences are well thought out and validated; and that the philosophies and design sensibilities of the influencers support those four distinct directions (or color stories). This direction can come in the form of the written word, a social, cultural or creative movement, art, nature, technology, and more.


You have one of those jobs that immediately makes people wonder, “How’d she land that?” What advice would you give to others looking for a unique, creative job like yours?

I believe whole-heartedly that you can’t have enough experiences, and you need to seek them out. You need to be involved in the creative community, whether it’s joining an organization (like the Color Marketing Group) or the many local and national design associations, or attending trade shows and exhibitions. You need to be where other creatives congregate, and you can’t be afraid to talk to people and ask questions. You never know when a conversation could lead to new, exciting experience and, just maybe, that dream job.


Any fun facts we should know about you?

I sometimes drive my husband a little nuts because I am always taking pictures of anything and everything—from beautifully plated food at a restaurant or moss growing on a tree. I also like to fish!