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The Top Five D Home Articles of 2015

Real estate eye candy reigned supreme.

Much like the top blog posts, real estate eye candy reigned supreme. Unlike our top blog posts, corn did as well. Here are the most popular D Home articles of 2015.


  1. 10 Most Beautiful Homes

The curb appeal of these glorious Dallas homes had us (and readers) constantly coming back for more.


  1. How to Buy Corn

Everyone wants the cream of the crop, particularly in the summer. Resident food editor Nancy Nichols filled us in on how/where to get it.


  1. The Latest Custom Building Trends

Perhaps readers had grown tired of the charming quirks that came with their 1930s bungalow. Maybe they were just curious. Either way, learning about what’s hot in bespoke house construction was also apparently quite hot.


  1. Inside Phil Romano’s Bluffview Home

Filled with bright red leather, bull heads, and lots and lots of wine, Phil Romano’s colorful abode made an indelible mark on readers’ minds.


  1. Cool Classes for a More Interesting You

When the classes in question have names like “(Get) Hammered” and “Makeup 101,” we get why readers were down to learn this year.