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How to Care for Your Christmas Tree

Fir real.

With our nifty location at the top of St. Paul Place in the Arts District, D employees are always treated to an exceptional view when we arrive to the office. Last week, that view only got sweeter with the arrival of an enormous, gorgeous fir from Ruibal’s Plants of Texas.

It’s a welcome site (and it smells amazing), but it did get us wondering just how a person could keep such a majestic plant in tiptop shape. So we went straight to the source. Here, we’re sharing Mark Ruibal’s expert advice on caring for your Christmas tree.


Our tree was styled by Ashley McPherren and Candy McPherren with ornaments provided by Holiday Warehouse in Plano.

Mark Ruibal on Christmas Tree Care:

1 – Cut 1/2 inch off the bottom of the fresh tree trunk to open the pores of the tree and maximize water intake. Many tree lots and nurseries will do this for you.

2 – Put your tree in a cool place; or at least away from a heat source or direct sunlight to prevent it from drying out.

3 – Make sure to use a properly sized stand (preferably with a built in water reservoir), and KEEP IT FULL to prevent drying.  You should not have to cut away at the diameter of the tree to fit in your stand.

4 – Use low heat lighting like LED or miniature lights, and make sure wires are not frayed or cut before decorating.

5 – Dispose of your tree as soon as possible after Christmas or if your tree becomes dry, brown, or overly brittle. Remove all tinsel and non-organic materials, and recycle! Trees make great mulch!


Pro Tip: When the holidays end, don’t burn your tree in a stove or a fireplace. They’ll burn much hotter and faster than is safe!


Keep an eye out for more helpful holiday tips from Ashley and Candy McPherren next week.