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Four Ways Not to Kill Your Pansies

Ensure your buds live long enough to show their true colors.

When we think “gardening expert,” a few local green thumbs might come to mind, but Dallas Arboretum’s Vice President of Gardens Dave Forehand certainly makes his way to the forefront. Each week, we’ll be sharing Forehand’s seasonal gardening tips and insight. Today, Dave’s talking pansies.


One advantage of North Texas’ mild winters is the ability to grow cool season annuals through the winter months. The reigning champion of these cool season plants: the pansy. The flower is the most planted annual of any season here in North Texas, and with good reason. Pansies are guaranteed to put on a show no matter how cold or wet it might be, but to ensure your buds live long enough to show their true colors, we’re sharing a few tips for planting healthy pansies.

  1. Know When to Plant: It’s a good time to plant when you begin to see the leaves on trees turning colors.
  2. Know Where to Plant: Planting pansies about 6-10 inches apart in a sunny location is best for good bloom performance. Pansies will be happy in pots and planters as well; they’ll just need to have holes at the bottom.
  3. Help Them Out: Add a good all-purpose, time-release fertilizer at the time of planting to ensure vigorous growth and plenty of flowers.
  4. Don’t Let Them Get Thirsty: A rich, well-drained soil is ideal. It’s important to water the pansies thoroughly before severe cold spells.