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DIY: Cactus Christmas Tree

As easy as one, two, tree.

Try as I might to find the space, I simply do not have room for a Christmas tree in my apartment. This sobering fact has crushed me over several holiday seasons, but not this year. This is the year I decided to put an end to the ongoing tragic tail of the Christmas tree-less girl. How did I do it?

Houstonian Ashley Rose’s Christmas tree cactus served as the inspiration. You can read about it here on her blog, Sugar & Cloth. (Prepare yourself; there is an overwhelming amount of cuteness happening here.)

Like Ashley, I opted for a fake cactus for my own safety. I picked one up at Hobby Lobby, along with a little white pot, and a slew of potential decorations.


First, I secured the cactus in its pot with some small stones. (I actually had these on hand from a Home Depot trip, but I’m sure you could get them at Hobby Lobby!)

I couldn’t find a cactus quite as cutesy as Ashley’s, and the pom pom trim I picked up looked a little too kitschy on my skinnier succulent, so I started improvising.

I used the cactus’ tiny leaves to hold up my tassel “ornaments,” and wound a string of tiny lights around it to ensure a Christmas-y vibe.


And that’s it! Seriously. The only real work I had to do was search through the endless, winding aisles of a Hobby Lobby. Before you shed a tear for all the pom pom trim I had to discard, I can assure you it is not going to waste. My cat will be entertained until 2016.