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The Architect

Weldon Turner of Turner Boaz is the man with the plans.

Architect Weldon Turner began his career at a small firm in Southern California, where he was able to learn about every aspect of the business. A few years later, he returned to Dallas and worked at HKS on commercial projects, including Momentum Place. At the same time, he began compiling a list of professionals around town whose work he admired. He talked to architects such as Frank Welch and Bud Oglesby about their approaches to design, and when he was just 25 years old, he designed his first residential project for a friend of his family’s.

“I thought, ‘Where do you start?’ I was scared, but I started doing my research, and the work of three architects was compelling to me. I did a poor man’s version of a Hugh Jacobsen/Edward Larrabee Barnes/Frank Welch, and it worked out pretty well,” he says with a laugh. “Back then, I was compelled by fear. I thought, ‘If I’m going to design this house, I’m going to do the best job I can possibly do.’”

It wasn’t long before he and several HKS colleagues began moonlighting on the side to design more houses. (The name of their company? Moon Co.) Eventually, Turner and Brett Boaz left HKS to form their own residential architectural firm, Turner Boaz. Their mission for their company was simple. “We decided that our drawings were going to be very good. We melded commercial with residential. We looked at Frank Welch’s level of detail and elevated that by bringing in our HKS experience and commercial drawings,” he says. “You end up having more control over the end result. We’re going to put together a house that has spatial hierarchy, and it will come together like a piece of furniture.”

It paid off. Turner Boaz began getting noticed for their attention to detail. They began doing work all around the country and their projects showed up in magazines such as Architectural Digest. Through the years, they’ve added more services, including interior design expertise. But even with all the changes—Boaz has since moved to Chicago—the client-based focus of Turner Boaz remains the same. “Our clients are looking for luxury,” Turner says. “My job is to weave that in the design.”


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