Enjoy the backyard entertainment center when you Airbnb at this charming M Streets Tudor.

Where to Airbnb in Dallas for Texas-OU Weekend

No scary futons allowed.

This Saturday, October 10, marks the return of the annual Red River Showdown. That’s about all I can tell you without Googling facts or interesting details that I could pretend to know. For me, TX-OU simply signifies a Saturday when all my male friends ignore my texts, but here’s something I can share with you that may be of some worth: a collection of cool places to Airbnb if you or your friends are coming in town. (No scary futons allowed.)

Now Hook ‘Em, or Boomer Sooner ‘em, or whatever it is you crazy red and orange wearing kids do.


“Large Duplex in Lower Greenville”

lower greenville

The Neighborhood: Lower Greenville

Price Per Night: $600 (Yeah, it’s pricey, but they allow eight guests. Do the math, son!)

Why It Looks Cool: You get full access to the entire 1920s duplex, an incredible location in one of Dallas’ most popular neighborhoods, and quick access to some of the best bars and restaurants in the city.


“Modern Tudor on the M Streets”

M Streets

The Neighborhood: M Streets – Vickery Place

Price Per Night: $1,300 (But again, they allow up to 10 guests.)

Why It Looks Cool: This is the kind of M Streets home a girl (me) dreams of living in some day. The hardwoods are gleaming, the pillows are karate chopped, and his beautifully restored Tudor home’s backyard has a pool, a hot tub, and an outdoor TV and fireplace. Once again, you get the whole house.


“Great Apartment in Uptown”


The Neighborhood: Uptown

Price Per Night: $200 (only one guest allowed)

Why It Looks Cool: At the end of the day, I can’t guarantee that these places will be decent, but as I’m pretty sure this gentleman host, Charles, is my neighbor, I feel confident saying this apartment would be a good deal. The space is relatively new, the people manning the 24-hour concierge are simply wonderful (shout out to Tony and Kerry!), and you can easily walk or take the trolley anywhere you’d like to go in Uptown, Downtown or the Harwood District. Of course, you’ll have access to the entire apartment.


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