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Best of Big D

5 Questions with Best of Big D Winner Grange Hall

We caught up with the woman behind the innovative arrangements.
By Caitlin Clark |

When an ordinary arrangement simply will not do, think of Grange Hall. The Travis Street shop’s reputation for mixing the beautiful with the bizarre extends to their flower selection, which is why the editors of D Home singled out Grange Hall our Best Floral Shop in this years’ Best of Big D awards.

To help you get better acquainted with (or even learn something new about) this mysterious, enchanting shop, we caught up with the head designer behind their innovative arrangements, Lauren Lightfoot.


{1.} How would you describe your floral design aesthetic?

Classically elegant with an emphasis on blending natural and modern elements. We strive to keep our designs from being labeled as a certain style and instead focus on marrying various themes together to create something new.


{2.} We’ve always loved the way Grange Hall adds unique touches to their arrangements (i.e. turkey feathers and taxidermy butterflies). What inspires you when putting together arrangements and mixing in those interesting elements? 

It all depends on the type of flowers I’m using as well as the occasion for the flowers. I always try to put elements together that at first glance seem incongruent, but end up working together and really highlighting the beauty of the flowers.


{3.} What’s the craziest arrangement you’ve ever put together?

As of lately, it would probably be some large pieces I did that were comprised mainly of broken mirror fragments – very sculptural and sharp!


{4.} If I’ve been a terrible procrastinator, and need to pick up a floral hostess gift right now, what would you recommend? 

Anything you want! We try to customize each arrangement and can do it in a matter of minutes.


{5.} Are there going to be any new additions to your floral section this fall?  

I don’t know about new additions per say, but every year we try to come up with new ideas and elements to keep things fresh. The store is constantly growing and evolving and as a result, so are we.

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