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In The Garden: Get Your Irises Now

Some tough blooming beauties.
By Leslie Halleck |

So it’s 1 million degrees outside in Dallas right now…not exactly the time when we’re focused on spring bloomers like irises. Yet, if you plan to get your hands on that special color or variety you’ve been looking for, now is the time you’d better get shopping.

As odd as it may seem August is when loose iris “bulbs” (they’re actually rhizomes) show up at your local garden center. The really interesting or unusual colors are often only available in small quantities and when they’re gone, you’ll have to wait until next year for another try at them.

Some of the specialty iris you'll find at North Haven Gardens right now.
Some of the specialty iris you’ll find at North Haven Gardens right now.

If you’re looking to boost the beauty in your garden, but reduce your back strain and water bill, there’s no better plant than the bearded iris. Despite their flamboyant blooms, iris are tough as nails and thrive in our hot dry climate with very little care or water. They’re perfect for planting in low-maintenance areas in your landscape that may not receive much water. Be sure to plant them where they’ll get a good 4-6 hours of direct sunlight to keep them blooming.

Bonus: You can go ahead and plant these tough beauties in the garden this month, even in the heat. Of course if you prefer to hibernate indoors until the weather starts to cool down in September, that’s fine too. Try and get your loose iris planted by early to mid-October so they have time to put down some roots before the first frost.

Visit North Haven Gardens now for unique specialty iris.

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