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In The Garden: Flavors of Fall

Time to get a jump on fall veggies.

Can you feel it? Fall is just around the corner; and so are fresh fall flavors. With temperatures starting to dip a bit and a bit of rainfall coming our way, now’s the time to get a jump on fall veggies in the garden.

It’s a tad bit too warm to start planting transplants of cool season veggies into the garden, as they may succumb to heat stress; but you can start direct seeding many crops outdoors.

Halleck_ Carrot_Daucus_carota_Harvest_Enhanced

Direct seed outdoors now:

Lettuce – seeds need light to germinate, so don’t cover with soil.
Swiss chard – makes for a beautiful edible ornamental.
Dill – give plants room to grow.
Carrots – be prepared to thin out seedlings after they emerge.
Beets – a fast turn crop for many harvests.

Halleck_Arugula_Eruca_sativa (2)

Plant transplants or seeds outdoors in a few weeks:

Arugula – add a spicy snap to fall salads with this easy to grow green.
Broccoli –
plant 2 or 3 crops throughout fall.
Cabbage – a bit more cold sensitive than broccoli. Be prepared to cover in a frost.
Brussels sprouts – you’ll need to stake them as they grow.
Kale – super easy to grow and packed with nutrients.
Collard greens –
the most cold hardy of the bunch; leaves only develop good flavor after first frost.

You can start crops such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and the like indoors right now for transplanting outdoors in about 5- to 6-weeks from seeding. Look for transplants of these crops at your local garden center in a couple of weeks as temperatures cool.

Be sure to check out my feature on more fresh fall edibles in the September print issue of D Home

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