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How to Make Your Space Feel More Like Home: Part 2

This week, it's all about the decorations.

You’ve finally moved into your first dream home. Congrats! Now it’s time to make that home feel a little more like you. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be focusing on something that’s crucial in making your space feel more like your home. Last week, I enlightened readers on that special spot to call their own. This week, it’s all about the decorations.

Decorations are the easiest way to showcase what’s important to you and what you love. It’s kind of like sprinkling your personality throughout your home, giving all who are lucky enough to enter the opportunity to experience the warmth and happiness that is you.

Alright, enough of my slightly sappy musings on the art of home decor; time to share some decoration ideas to get you started on this new home of yours.


A Wall Of Fun

Gallery walls are great because you can show off all your many different passions in one prominent place. Pictures of family and friends, meaningful symbols, and inspiring quotes are sure to make you feel right at home in your brand new pad. If you need a little help to get started (gallery walls can be a little overwhelming), take a cue from Read Between the Lines’ Melinda Jones.



A Pop of Color

Color is pivotal when decorating. It’s the driving force behind the trinkets, lamp shades, bedding, and so much more you will choose. So pick decorations that correlate with the color in each room and, most importantly, pick ones that make you comfortable and at ease in your brand new space. We love the color contrasts in this dining room from our Sept/Oct 2013 issue (left), or the bright green and yellow mixings in a Dallas condo featured in  our Nov/Dec 2012 issue that simply refuse to be ignored.



Get Artsy

Artwork is a chic and timeless way to make your new home feel more like you. The following artwork absolutely rocks our socks (I mean, those plates!), but if last summer’s beachside vacation still serves as your mental getaway, go ahead and get some nautical artwork on your walls. Looking to think outside the frame? Local artist Lauren Williams’ incredible bohemian tapestries add a clean but dramatic touch. Remember, these wall are yours now, so cover them with whatever floats your boat!




Picture Perfect

Last on our list but certainly not least-pictures of you and your loved ones or anything else that elicits that home sweet home feel. My personal favorite are digital photo frames that change pictures. But an even cooler way to organize photographs is this bookshelf styled by Jimmie Henslee, as seen in our March/April 2014 issue.







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