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Friday Fun With Jim Williamson (On a Monday)

This week, Jim talks Clooney, Como, and Chivasso.

Hello! Guess what? I’ve got some words for you from our very wise friend Jim Williamson. Learn it, love it, and live it. I think we should have renamed Friday—no, better make it all of last week—“Out of Week.” Everything I presented to clients big and small, from a powder bath to a giant conference table, has either been out of budget, out of stock, or out of production. It made me want to drink my dinner so I could be out of it while repeating that long lost word that will probably never find a new generation: carte blanche.

Speaking of being out of it, I will soon be very much out of this… country. (Did I build some suspense with that ellipsis?) The 10 Days of Mr. Jim’s Birthday Extravaganza begins in just a few short weeks as I transition from one age bracket to another less desirable demographic. I know, by just looking at me, you can hardly believe I could be anywhere near that old. I’m so youthful, so young, and yet still so bitter. But it’s true. Time marches on and usually across your face and all other parts of your body. Since they have yet to discover the wormholes that Einstein theorized must exist in the universe, and I see no time machines ready to take me back to an era of Jovan Musk, zipper jeans, and wide-tooth combs, I will just have to keep Dr. Ho on speed dial.

But back to my birthday celebration about which I should be more excited—especially since Max and our friends in Switzerland have spent many hours/days/weeks planning this only-going-to-happen-once celebration. It sounds lovely and busy with travel from Lugano to Milan to Florence, back to Switzerland, and finally the big hurrah in Lake Como. Rumor has it that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux will be in Como staying at their friend George’s place. I am pretty certain Max started that rumor because a Google search of “Where will Jennifer Aniston be while I am on vacation” proved nothing. Plus I think most shows go back into production in July. But who cares about facts when a possible star sighting is at hand?

Nonetheless, I have been told by a reliable source that should I be able to score an image with either, both, or the golden of all tickets—Jennifer, Justin, George and Amal—I will receive free advertising for life! (Please note, this offer did not come from this publication.)

Trust me, if there were any conceivable way to make that happen, I would be on it faster than Iggy Azalea’s latest single is dropping off the charts. What some of you may not know is that I actually have six degrees of separation with Ms. Aniston. Yes, believe it. She used to get her nails done with a friend of mine in California. Of course, this was prior to her becoming an expectant mother for the past three decades and one of the most recognizable stars of all-time. But hey, it exists just like those wormholes. We just can’t see it. Not yet anyway.

So while I try to figure out how to pack 10-days worth of clothes in one piece of luggage while also trying to look good just in case that perfect photo-op should happen, I leave you with some lovely design inspiration courtesy of Carlucci Di Chivasso, or as we like to call it, Chivasso. This image showcases two beautiful velvets and some amazing technical feats in the weaving department. First, we have Palazzo velvet, one of my faves, in the most gorgeous shade of blue on the lounge chair. It also comes in a zillion other colors. Next, we have Pistoria velvet on the sofa. Pistoria is dyed then foil embossed with a delicate pattern, giving you a three-dimensional look. You have to see and feel it to appreciate its true beauty but it looks almost like sheared fur or some super-soft exotic skin. It’s from their new Atmosphere collection, and it is giving us some definitive atmosphere of sophistication.