Dwell with Dignity and Celebrity Designer Mark Cutler Reveal a Stylish Second Chance

Inspiring design.

After a difficult past, a Dallas mother and her four children are finally getting the fresh start they deserve. And thanks to Dallas-based Dwell with Dignity, celebrity designer Mark Cutler, and nousDECOR, that family of five’s new beginning is a beautiful one.

Mark Cutler and Lisa Robison

A completely redesigned and redecorated home was officially unveiled on Thursday, June 18, revealing a bright, welcoming interior that perfectly captures Dwell with Dignity’s core philosophy: to sooth and inspire by design. For the young family, whose mother was nominated by the Dallas-based New Friends New Life program, this is their opportunity to live in a home in which they can thrive.

As with all of Dwell with Dignity’s projects, the reveal was a poignant one, but perhaps the most touching part of the evening was the reaction from each of the children as they walked through their new home.

To highlight just a few:

“It comes with toys and books too!”

“Now every morning I can get out of a durable bed!”

“Oh my we have a microwave!”

“It’s awesome, it’s awesome, it’s awesome in there… I had to say it three times because it’s triple awesome!”


Click the slideshow to tour the home.