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Friday Fun With Jim Williamson

This week, Jim talks illness, the 1980s, and pretty stuff from Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman.

It’s Friday. I just got back from an absolutely incredible shoot in Marfa for D Weddings, so I’m trying to catch up. In the meantime, here are some words from my friend Jim Williamson. Sorry about not posting last week. Mr. Jim was in the guestroom (aka: the infirmary) with a not-very-nice-respiratory thing. I’m on the mend and working but this thing is still lurking around like a Hollywood stalker and making me sound like Jessa from Girls after a particularly rough night of smoking and drinking combined with a very elderly person with pneumonia. Yes, it is just that attractive. However, I can now do a great jazz number with my new husky voice. I’ll take requests after 5 p.m.

The bad thing about being sick—other than the obvious that you are sick and daytime TV sucks the big one—I also had to miss the Dwell with Dignity party. I am sure the hordes of people who did get to attend can appreciate me not wanting to cough and sneeze on everything and everybody. Seriously, I didn’t even want to touch the pets, and I always want to play with my fur children.

Here is another not-so-good thing about spending time in the guest room: It costs money. I’m sure you’re asking, how can hanging out in your own guest room cost money? Well, when you’re sick and lying in bed and there’s nothing on television and you can’t focus on that book you have been trying to finish, you are ultimately stuck looking around the room. What do I see when I start looking around the room? Roller marks on the ceiling where the repair guy didn’t match the paint finish even though I specifically stated—on multiple occasions while holding a marble rolling pin behind my back—that paint finishes have to match. (I would never threaten anyone with a rolling pin. I think it was more of a bat or something. Still just kidding.) The sight of roller marks for me is akin to fingers down a chalk board for others.

The list of other things that should be addressed goes on and on. Here are just a few questions that popped up while I nursed myself back to health: When was the last time the maid vacuumed under this bed? Why can’t I reach the bedside lamp from the bed? Where did this rug come from? Why is it here? Is it the fever or did the maid make this bed with sheets I normally use to wrap the palms in winter?

I also had trouble bonding with a very large painting Max got in the 1980s that hangs in that room. I love me some ’80s. I mean, who wouldn’t with the magnificent mane I used to sport? However, this piece looks like you invited the 1980s over for dinner and it drank too many wine coolers (remember, we are still in the decade of Bartles and Jaymes) and it didn’t mix well with whatever sun-dried tomato recipe (also another big ’80s trend), and vomited on a canvas and then decided to throw some glitter on it for good measure. It is too large to fit in the art closet; otherwise, I would have switched it out long ago. So it hangs in the guest room. I could swear it was actually making me feel worse just by looking at it. But wait—the garage is now all nice and clean, perhaps I should hang this piece in the there?

Since we are all about feeling better, and it is spring and the weather for the past few days has been divine, let’s get some design inspiration up in here. Because I was sequestered to the guestroom, I thought this image from Edward Ferrell+Lewis Mittman all too appropriate. It is definitely giving me some guest room inspiration. I just met the creative director for EF-LM, Phillip Jeffries, yesterday. He is super nice and very talented. And I also just happened to run into the VP for EF-LM at Mr. Mesero last night. In fact, I knew more people in the restaurant than the people who graciously attended a recent book signing we hosted in the showroom. (I’m not quite certain I should have shared that information.)

Anyway, this looks like a comfortable and stylish place, and I don’t see any dust bunnies or the 1980s anywhere. I definitely think I could spend a few days here under any circumstances. And the bed doesn’t have a high footboard—another thing Mr. Jim doesn’t like in any bed. I want my big man feet to be able to stretch all the way out.

So that is it for the week. Next week, I will bring you a recap of Scottsdale and Sedona, Arizona, two places I have never visited. But I did just check the temperature in Scottsdale, and ouch! It’s 101. Looks like pool and ’Rita weather to me. And if anyone says, “But it’s a dry heat,” I’m coming after you with that rolling pin. Happy Friday!