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Top Five Pins This Week

We span the seasons.

I like to think our Pinterest page tells a little story. This week’s popular pins start off rather gray—and I mean that as a compliment. Perhaps everyone’s been binging on House of Cards season 3 and getting inspired by the all-neutral-errthing color palette (I mean, can we talk about Claire’s amazing wardrobe?), or maybe it’s just the gray weather we’ve been having. But things start out pretty dramatic.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 10.47.40 AM
1. March/April D Home Cover

First up is the cover of our March/April 2015 issue, which channels a French pied-à-terre in stunning shades of black, white, and bronze. It’s seriously beautiful, if we do say so ourselves.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 10.45.00 AM

2. One grand entrance

Then, there’s a throwback to our Jan./Feb. 2014 feature on Regan and Zach Carlile’s University Park home. Though the interior is bursting with color at every turn, MORE Design + Build’s Kurt Bielawski went with a more understated palette for the exterior, aiming for an “eclectic London townhouse” effect.


3. A study in contrast

Our next popular pin is still heavy in the black-and-white scheme, but you start to see some color injected through the rug as well as the greenery seen through the glass doors. This image was one of those dreaded Pinterest roads to nowhere, where you optimistically click wanting to see more of the space or learn about where the pieces were sourced, only to end up on a random, context-less Tumblr page. But thanks to the wonder of Google Image search, I was able to determine that this photo originated from Est Magazine, an Australian living publication, which has plenty more photos of this gorgeous home for you to peruse.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 10.52.51 AM

4. Spring is springing

But then things start to get more colorful. Here we have this vibrant Winifred sofa from Anthropologie, shown against a blue damask background with a jaw-dropper of a chandelier. It’s like a little taste of spring just trying to emerge on this vernal equinox. Now as much I hate to burst your bubble, this sofa is no longer available in this print. But you can use it as inspiration for your next reupholstery project nonetheless.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 10.50.12 AM

5. Winter in the rearview

And suddenly things just become a full-on, palm-canopied, Moroccan-inspired oasis. This is actually a private residence in Palm Desert, California. Dubbed “Casbah Cove,” this 16,800-square-foot house has 4 bedrooms, 5.2 baths, not one but two pools, two spas, eight fireplaces, a detached quarters, and even a hookah room. Check out the pictures here.