Photo by Joy Zhang

Get the Vibe: East Hampton Sandwich Co.

Lobster Roll not included.


Everyone always says that East Hampton isn’t your average sandwich shop, and while the exceptional menu items (food photos right this way) have certainly helped that reputation, we also think it may have something to do with the unique decor. Though it was designed to look like a summer home in the New York town it was named after, we think East Hampton Sandwich Co. takes it one step further, creating a space that not only feels like a summer home, but your best friend’s summer home where you’re always comfortable and welcome.

Since this is the feel we’d assume most people aspire to achieve in their homes, we asked owner Hunter Pond, a Dallas native and recent Forbes 30 Under 30 inductee, to tell us a little more about the design and the inspiration behind it.


CC: When you first decided to create a restaurant where people could find the high-end, handcrafted sandwiches you’ve become known for, did you always plan on it having the East Hampton beach house look? 

HP: Determining the name and design of the brand was such a fluid process, it all just made perfect sense once the name was established. East Hampton has the basis of a timeless brand, so we knew that our design would require a classic style found in the design and architecture of the east coast town and its beach side homes.


CC: When you decided to go for the seaside sandwich shop feel, what design elements were you adamant about including? (Personally, we’re big fans of the red patio chairs.)

HP: There are a few key elements that helped define our design vision. The cedar shingles on our exterior are our signature design aspect, and when paired with our fire engine red Adirondack patio chairs, it creates a visually pleasing storefront. It sets the tone for our laid back vibe for day or night. As far as the interior goes, we spend a great deal of time perfecting the wooden shiplap pieces that cover the majority of the restaurant walls.


CC: You commissioned the Plan B Group to design the interior of the restaurant back in 2012. How did they help you achieve the look you had envisioned? 

The Plan B team are all great listeners. They kept focus on the vision I had for the brand and truly brought it to life through many meetings and countless spec book revisions. They are a very patient group, and I thank them for that!


CC: What design elements from East Hampton do you think fans of the restaurant could incorporate into their kitchens or homes to get the East Hampton feel?

HP: I think our choices of paint color are flexible to work in both commercial and residential applications. We often get asked what shade of paint our walls, doors, brick, etc. are. We also get quizzed on our wall sconces a lot.


CC: What is your favorite thing about the look of East Hampton Sandwich Co., whether it be in Dallas, Fort Worth, or Plano? 

HP: My favorite thing is probably our use of millwork to give off a residential feel. The objective has always been to create a comfortable space where people would feel as if they were at a friends home, eating the best sandwich they’ve ever had, with a cold beer or nice glass of wine in hand. It’s elegant enough to feel proper, but laid back enough to wear whatever you want to lunch or dinner. I think our use of millwork and unique cabinetry helps us the most in achieving this goal.