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Friday Fun With Jim Williamson

This week, Jim talks Dwell With Dignity, Designers Guild, disaster, and deodorant.

Hello. It’s a beautiful day. I’m so happy. Also making me happy, the words of my friend and yours, Mr. Jim Williamson. Without further ado, here he is. It’s always good to try new things—or so I thought. I decided to try a new dry-spray deodorant I purchased at the drug store. I honestly didn’t think they made spray deodorants for men anymore. I was hoping this one wouldn’t cause those weird stains on my white shirts. I’m certain I only sweat Fiji or Topo Chico and nothing else could possibly be causing those, right? Unfortunately, it turns out that both my new deodorant and hair mousse come in very similarly shaped tall metal cans that both spray. All I can say is my scalp is cool, dry, and comfortable. It smells fresh yet manly. My underarms are slightly sticky, but they have lots of volume.

Once at work, I was going over the status of some orders and finalizing some fabric selections for a client who was due to arrive in a few minutes. I looked at the tag for the four custom sofas we had ordered to see what the back height was when I realized that the name of the tag did not match the name of the sofas on the order. I immediately began sweating everywhere except my super dry scalp and thought, “Oh %$#, I have four sofas already in production, and they are the wrong *&%^ sofa! How could this happen? Are you kidding me?” But I knew I wouldn’t do that. I check everything three times or more. I even check to see if the oven is off every day, and I haven’t cooked in three weeks.

So I rushed to find a picture of the sofa whose name was on the tag, and guess what? There was no tear sheet of the sofa in the catalog. Then I ran to the nearest computer and pulled up the website for that particular manufacturer, which seemed to be taking much longer to load than usual. I typed in the name of the sofa. It pulled up the image and it was not the right sofa! Freak mode was just about to go into code red when I decided to pull up all images of every sofa and select by sight the style of sofa I had ordered and not name. Turns out, I had indeed ordered the right sofas but someone had switched the tags on the sofas. All’s well that ends well, right?

What else should I be thankful for? We have a beautiful weekend in store for us. We also live in a world that is full of talented designers who create beautiful designs that make our homes more beautiful and comfortable. Some of these talented designers are doing vignettes at Dwell with Dignity’s Thrift Studio next month. It is always a fun event, and you will always find a great deal—especially if you purchased tickets to the VIP event on April 23rd and get first pick. So plan ahead now and go purchase your tickets today.

Finally, we have today’s design inspiration, a study in comfort and spring from those lovely designers over in London at Designers Guild. I know you always think of color when you think of Designers Guild but here, they show a flair for modern and easy style using neutrals with just a touch of color. I personally love using neutrals because you can add small doses of color without making a full-on commitment to one specific color. It’s easy to change the look by simply switching the pillows for a different color or texture and changing out the flowers.

So with that my loyal readers, I am off to catch up with a friend over a rare lunch away from my desk. I am not sure if I will know how to act at a lunch that does not involve blowing croissant crumps off my keyboard or picking chicken salad off my lap.  Have a great week and most of all, happy Friday!!