Thursday, June 20, 2024 Jun 20, 2024
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Friday Fun With Jim Williamson

This week, Jim talks minor head injuries, tight pants, and blue-and-black combos.

You know what stinks? Getting emails like a million years after they were sent. Jim Williamson sent me his blog post at around 11:30 am. I received his note at around 7:30 pm. Better late than never, said no one ever. So while I contact some people with better computer knowledge than I possess, I will leave you with the musings of my kind and patient friend. I am not sure if it is the fumes coming from the offices upstairs that smell like someone has left the top off the world largest Sharpie but something is making me dizzy—and not in a good way. The dizziness could also be the result of the rather ungraceful fall that I had on some black ice walking into the showroom this morning. Don’t worry. I landed in a downward-dog position, or as I like to call it, the “cavity-search” position. I wouldn’t know personally but I do have Netflix.

Not helping my mood is the additional fact that the top button of my pants popped off with great force when I got in the car this morning. It almost embedded itself into the dashboard. I am blaming the pants, not my fondness for chips and salsa. All of this explains why my facial expression is stuck in the Kanye position. You know the look—like something smells and it is not the kitty litter. I love using that line almost as much as Max likes talking about the time he missed the Grammys. It’s a lot.

If you are in need of any favors, today would not be the day to ask.

Last night was not like this morning. It was fun. The evening was all about the food and friends at Twenty Seven in Deep Ellum. Chef Dat knows how to throw down some delicious bites. If you like dining out as much as we do, then you should definitely take some friends and go. I promise you will have fun and experience flavors you have probably never had before like frozen fennel pollen. It was strange yet good, especially when followed with a sip of Pinot Noir. The restaurant also has one of my favorite bathroom designs in town. We will call it “dead rocker chic.”

The meal last night almost makes up for the Amsterdam Bar closing, which will continue to make me sad each time I walk the dog by it. Unless of course, someone uses the space to open a chicken salad sandwich and iced tea bar that also happens to have dog treats. Hey, there are currently more than 50 new restaurants opening in Dallas with what I think are like 35 just in Deep Ellum, so it could happen.

In design news, everyone is thinking spring and update time. Nothing like a snow and ice storm to expose all the stuff you need to get done at home. Yes, it is time. While you are fixing that leak(s) or broken hinge, you might also want to think about redoing that sofa the dog loves to wipe his mouth on after dinner or finally select a fabric for those vintage dining rooms chairs that scream, “Please help me!” And let’s not forget about that lounge chair that you placed that fabric sample on so your friend could see what  it’s going to look like. That was a year ago. We want to see the damn chair recovered.

But don’t worry because Mr. Jim—with the help of the talented designers at Designers Guild in London—has some inspiration for you. No need to make a single decision because we have done all of that for you, right down to the paint color. Today’s inspiration also comes from the blue skies above, which we haven’t seen in while. So please feast your eyes on today’s mood board in blue. I really like the addition of black with the blue. It bumps it up a notch and takes it from pretty to chic and edgy while still feeling pretty. And who doesn’t want that? And everyone room can always use something in black, as long as it is not a mood or an evil presence like your mother-in-law.

Have a fantastic weekend!