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DIY Wednesday: Geode Bottle Stoppers

A little something pretty for your bar cart.
By Caitlin Clark |

This is part of a regular series in which I attempt (operative word) D.I.Y. projects and bring you, dear reader, the results. The good. The bad. And the hideous. I’ll offer step-by-step instructions so that you can D.I.Y. along with me. ***Jessica is out today, so my (Caitlin Clark’s) attempt to glue two things together will just have to do for this week. 

After perusing our latest D Home issue, a few things stuck with me. One of which was the feature on Lauren Renfrow and her home accessories line Times Two Design. Renfrow just recently opened a to-the-trade shop of her own, but her products are available to the public at Dallas retailers like Mecox, Laura Lee Clark, Madison, Hess and more.

I like to think of my design style as contemporary and girly with just a touch of edge (just a touch), so I’m always looking for little things that, while pretty, are also unique. Basically, anything that can up the “cool factor” in my apartment. The brightly colored quartz, citrine and agate crystals that Times Two Design is known for certainly caught my eye, but as anyone else who’s ever envied a set of crystalline coasters knows, those kinds of items can run on the costlier side.

After recalling a chic, geode embellished accessory my crafty friend Cait (who will henceforth be known as Crafty Cait) made a couple of years back, I did some investigating. Turns out, Crafty Cait got the idea from Cupcakes and Cashmere, and it costs very little to pull off: just under $7 each. So I decided to make four (decided is a strong word actually; the corks and geodes came in packs of four so…).

Things You’ll Need


Photo Mar 18, 9 51 57 AM
I bought these on Amazon. It included an amethyst, citrine, blue celestine and crystal geode.

Glue and Corks

Photo Mar 18, 9 51 30 AM
You can find both at Michaels.


Assembling Your Geode Stoppers

Gather your materials. If possible, ask a crafty cat to supervise.
Gather your materials. If possible, ask a crafty cat to supervise.
Photo Mar 18, 9 52 33 AM
Apply your glue to the larger end of the cork. When I started gluing, my initial thought was that maybe my Krazy Glue was a bit too crazy…
But once I got around to attaching this bad boy, I quickly changed my opinion about this magical wonder glue.
But once I got around to attaching this bad boy, I quickly changed my tune.
Adhere the geode and let it dry!
Adhere the geode and let it dry.
Photo Mar 18, 9 53 09 AM

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any cool looking liquor bottles laying around like St. Germain or one of those skull-shaped things to demonstrate what they’d actually look like when put to use (I’m more of a boxed wine girl myself), but hopefully you can imagine.

Verdict: Aside from the Krazy Glue residue still lingering on my fingers, I’d say it was a success. If you’re looking to dress up your bar cart, this was an extremely simple and inexpensive way to do so.

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