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At Home With Tracy Martin Taylor: New Year, New Update

Make the old new again in 2015.
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At Home With Tracy Martin Taylor: New Year, New Update

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Hi! I’m turning things over to Tracy Martin Taylor of Eleven 11 Design for a spell. The month of January brings gym membership specials, weight-loss program offers, and the magical Elfa sale to help us organize. This is the time when we want to start fresh. I love to look at my stash of favorite finds and attack one or two. There are many reasons to hold on to certain pieces—maybe the too-small headboard was in the room you grew up in. Maybe you can’t part with your husband’s dad’s well-traveled uncle’s favorite chair from who-knows-where. Maybe you have a steal from the Wisteria sale three years ago that you had absolutely no place for but couldn’t leave the warehouse without. The Salvation Army will not be getting these kinds of items. So what to do? Let’s make a little happy happen—you will be so glad that you did. I can always identify the pieces in a home that have a story, and that’s a good thing. Vow to create a couple new tales to go along with your 2015 Pilates commitment. The stories (and firmer body) will make you smile.
Love your space,