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Gifts for the Nature Lover: Kobo Candle

Also: Pyromaniacs.

You’re still not finished with your holiday shopping? Don’t you know that Christmas is, like, less than a week away? Now is not the time for wild, creative ideas. Now is the time for efficiency. For tried-and-true, guaranteed-to-be-loved, go-to gifts. For candles.

Why candles?

1. Everyone loves them. That’s just a scientific fact.

2. Candles are one of those things people never buy for themselves. Mostly because they always get them as gifts. Don’t break that cycle.

3. It’s something everyone can use, all the time (because see no. 1).

So give your friend the gift of a tiny, delightful-smelling fire in a glass jar. And because your friend enjoys the out of doors as much as they do, why not present them with this Kobo soy candle (available at Society) that smells like fresh-cut grass? Every time they burn it, they’ll think of you. And how the yard could stand a mowing. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.