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How to Buy: Marble Worth Marveling

When shopping for marble, it's worth looking below the surface.
By Alexandria Gomez |

Marble is and has been one of the most sought-after stones in history. From Greek statues to kitchen and bathroom countertops, marble has consistently delivered the beauty we seek. But do you know that all marble was not created equal? April Graves, director of marketing and operations at Aria Stone Gallery, gave us some tips to keep in mind while shopping for marble slabs:

  • Research finishes to know which best suits your needs. Honed, for example, is more forgiving when it comes to etching and doesn’t highlight like a polished surface does. A leathered surface has more depth in the surface’s smoothness, making it more forgiving than brushed applications
  • Just as you would a fine sports car or fresh pair of designer shoes, protect your marble with a sealant. This will preserve the material’s longevity and performance while keeping it looking pristine.
  • Super white, clean slabs of marble are rare; if you have a bit of flexibility in your design aesthetic, some of the more gray ground tones are more accessible.
  • Look for book matched slabs. Purchasing these allows the pattern and seaming in the finished surface to line up for a more uniform presentation.
  • Check the stone for surface pits—marble is already a sensitive stone, so it is best to begin with a flawless piece.

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