iSpy: Colorful Tabletop Accessories from GAIA

Pretty things, great cause.

gaia tabletop

As product of Generation Y, internet shopping is one of my weaknesses. That’s why I love my iPhone—I can shop from the comfort of my bed, spotting fabulous interior design finds on Facebook, Instagram, and beyond. Here’s my most recent find, colorful tabletop accessories from GAIA

Dining al fresco this weekend? You need some new napkins. Having a fancy dinner party soon? No table is complete without napkin rings. Luckily, GAIA has all your tabletop needs covered—even better, you know your money is going toward a good cause.

GAIA sells handmade zipper pouches, jewelry, key chains, and table top accessories made from vintage and repurposed materials. The artisans are resettled refugee women living in Dallas. Stop by Brian Bolke’s Five and Ten to check out their selection of clutches, and the rest of the items are available for order online.