Photography by Casey Dunn

10 Most Beautiful: 6906 Lakewood Boulevard

This house has it all. Even a steeple.

Who do you think you are? What business do you have? How dare you? In the seven years that we’e been crowning winners in our annual celebration of gorgeous homes, we’ve heard all that and more. Allow us to clear up any and all confusion. We are a gang of well-meaning shelter-magazine editors who have made it our business to run the roads of Dallas and select our very favorite houses based solely on curb appeal, with no regard for pedigree of home nor resident. And we dare to do it quite happily.

I have driven down Lakewood Boulevard more times than I can count. My husband grew up on the street and we have been making the trek to his parents house—almost weekly—for the nine years we’ve been together. And every time we round the bend at Lakewood and Lakeshore, I do a double take. I don’t know if it’s the freshly manicured grounds, the interesting half-timbering detail on just the one side of the house (why the one side? all a part of the mystique, I guess), or the crisp, white stone veneer exterior that makes me happy.

Or maybe it’s the fact that I would often see a family out on the front yard throwing a ball or working in the yard. It always left me with a warm feeling. And now that I have started my own family, the warmth of a house means so much. And this house has it. So, when it was time to decide on the 10 Most Beautiful homes in Dallas, mine was an easy choice. It wasn’t hard to convince my colleagues either. But their reason for choosing the house was different: They fell in love with the steeple. And I have to admit, I hadn’t even noticed it until they pointed it out. Even better, I thought. A house with more character than can be noted by just a drive-by.

The 4,704 square foot home was recently on the market. No, my husband and I didn’t buy it (as much as I’d love the story to end that way.) But one lucky person/family/couple did. And I still love the house. But they can’t expect me to stop my weekly drive-by. I’ll wave hello next time.


  • Ricky Ferrer

    I drive down Lakewood Blvd every day and this house always catches my eye. That doorway!