Photography by Casey Dunn.

10 Most Beautiful: 4004 Miramar

Here's why we selected the Translucens house as one of our favorites in Dallas.

Who do you think you are? What business do you have? How dare you? In the seven years that we’e been crowning winners in our annual celebration of gorgeous homes, we’ve heard all that and more. Allow us to clear up any and all confusion. We are a gang of well-meaning shelter-magazine editors who have made it our business to run the roads of Dallas and select our very favorite houses based solely on curb appeal, with no regard for pedigree of home nor resident. And we dare to do it quite happily. To see the full list of beautiful homes, including our selections from past years, click here

Growing up in the Park Cities exposed me to a plethora of beautiful homes. But there was always one I couldn’t get out of my head—4004 Miramar. It’s the only Park Cities residence to make it on our 10 Most Beautiful Homes list this year, and the more we learned about the modern beauty, the more we fell in love. But since this list is all about what we can see from the street, let’s start with that, working from the curb in.

First of all, please don’t think that this home has any sort of spray paint numbers letting you know the address. Oh no—4004 Miramar is proudly carved into the granite walkway. The minimalist yet dramatic yard (look at all that greenery on the sides!) adds to the beauty of the house, as well as gives the residents privacy from peeping eyes. We also love it when homeowners aren’t afraid to share a piece of their art collection with their neighbors.

At first glance, the house appears to be floating on water thanks to some stunning architectural design. And while we’ve seen a few too many horror movies to typically go for a glass-front home, this one is too sleek to not love. The second floor features a barely-there balcony, which we suspect would be the perfect place to enjoy some Rosé, if only we could get an invite.

Now, on to some things you wouldn’t know about the “Translucens House” just from looking at it. Designed by famous architect Robert Neylan, the abode has 4 bedroom and 4.4 bathrooms, and was built in 2000. Unless you’ve stalked by the house as many times as we have, you perhaps haven’t noticed that the glass front can be adjusted to become more opaque or transparent. An interior courtyard houses a reflecting pool, balcony, and plenty of other space to show off some art.

In a ‘hood of too many beautiful houses to count, this one definitely stands out.