Pamela Jackson and Jeremi Headrick’s Favorite Things

They like sweet scents, lots of local restaurants, and two very cute pups.


society-TTPamela Jackson and Jeremi Headrick are here to help you. House not smelling so fresh? Need a quick gift that will please even your pickiest friends? Or how about some design services? This duo does it all. On top of their full service design and decorating firm, Jackson Vaughn, Pamela and Jeremi are also the masterminds behind Society, the candles and more shop in the Bishop Arts District.

So what are their favorite things during this hot hot summer? We’ve got the scoop—which includes a lot of local places. Read on for more.

1. Our proprietary line candles. These are our babies! We have been producing them for over 10 years now and we still love them as much today as we did then! They were one of our first products that we went through the process of design, sampling, manufacturing and now enjoying! The scents are timeless and we both still burn them daily in our homes. We are working on three new candle lines now to debut in the fall but we’ll always love our first!

2. Breakfast Tacos at Fuel City. In our humble opinion, these are the best breakfast tacos in town. They have fueled many an early morning road trip! And you can’t have a Fuel City taco without a cup of their elotes on the side! Corn & tacos- the breakfast of champions!

3. Tunisian Fouta Towels. We love the look of these great towels and use them for everything. We both have stacks of them in our homes and use them daily. They make great picnic blankets, casual table clothes and of course great bath towels! The old world look of them gives immediate texture and charm to any setting.

4. Round Top Antique Fair Trips. We have been making the bi-yearly trek to the antique fairs for well over 15 years. We love the thrill of the road trip, the hunting for finds at the shows and the little cottage that we rent in the Hill Country. We pack several ice chests with cheeses, olives, hummus and what ever else we can manage to squeeze in from Central Market! Oh, and wine- lots of wine! We also have our moms bring homemade pies. We know there is that charming little restaurant in Round Top proper that is famous for pies, but our moms are so much better than those! (Sorry, Royer’s)

5. Upstairs at Eno’s Pizza. This is a favorite weeknight haunt for both of our families or for a quick glass of wine after the shop closes. The upstairs has a great vibe that feels like a charming café in Nantucket or a quaint eatery outside of Big Sur. Whatever the vibe, we love it. And there’s no better place to sit on a rainy evening than upstairs by one of the crank out windows. True bliss!

6. Our Pets—Bubba J & Atticus. These guys are truly the heart of each of our homes. If you have ever been around a Standard Poodle, you’ll understand why. Their personalities and smart demeanor keep us all in stitches most of the time. And both of them coordinate nicely with the interior of their respective home!

7. Jimmy’s Food Market. A true Dallas destination for an amazing sandwich, fresh pizza dough or to pick up a great bottle of wine. One of both of our stops for easy items to pick up for casual entertaining.