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5 Stylish Home Must-Haves


Homeowners rely on Lauri and her fellow team members at Platinum Series to be on the cusp of design trends.

Luckily, that’s Lauri’s passion. “I love to shop around for the best and latest products. That’s my favorite thing to do,” she gushes. “I do a lot of research online and in books but going out and shopping is the most effective way to find out what’s new out there.”

So what should you be getting excited about in home design? Here are five of Lauri’s top picks.

1. Modular Art Walls

The art you choose can truly set your home apart. But Lauri says art doesn’t have to be limited to the paintings you hang on the walls—sometimes the walls themselves are the art.

A textured wall or unique mural can do wonders for a dining area, bathroom, or bedroom—like this metallic wall in Platinum Series’ W Hotel penthouse.  In other areas of the home, Lauri challenges homeowners to go bold. “As part of a recent project, we installed a modular art wall that lights up with RGB lights. The whole wall change colors and patterns,” she recalls. “It is the perfect touch for the basement entertainment area.”

2. Contemporary Chandeliers

These days, there’s no shortage of lighting options out there. Contemporary chandelier designs offer something for every taste—from fun and funky to delicate and refined.

Lauri recalls installing one of her favorite chandeliers in a recent client’s home: a chrome and crystal chandelier by Maxim.  “It looks delicate, like it’s made from foil, but it’s much sturdier than that,” she explains. “You can bend it in any direction. I actually had to get up on the ladder and bend them all out so that it would look exactly as I had seen it in the showroom.”

3. Wall Paper

Wall paper has been making a major comeback these days, but using it effectively involves much more than simply plastering it to every wall. “To create a visually appealing space…it needs to be used in the right locations,” Lauri explains. On a recent project, Lauri used wall paper to spruce up the homeowner’s study. “We put wallpaper in the back of his lighted cabinets. It turned out really cool.”

4. Calcutta Luna Marble

Fun fact about Lauri: her favorite room design is the master bathroom. She loves the challenge of creating a space that is so strongly defined by functional elegance.

In Lauri’s bathrooms, marble is a must. But not just any marble will do. In her favorite homes, she uses white Calcutta Luna marble. “I love using Calcutta Luna on the bathroom floor with a sable lattice in between.” There’s no reason to limit marble to the floors and countertops, however. Lauri says a marble slab can become a stunning accent wall in the kitchen or bathroom.

5. Freestanding Tubs

Lauri says that one of the most elegant additions to any master bath is an elegant freestanding tub. “I recently designed a master bathroom with a solid marble tub that weighs 2,500 pounds,” she recalls. “It’s very difficult to get in the house. Most of the time we have to get them in at frame stage using a sky track.” One look at a tub like that and it’s obvious: it’s definitely worth the effort.


Want more style inspiration from the team at Platinum Series? Find stunning light fixtures and luxurious bathtubs on platinumserieshomes.net. While you’re there, make sure to check out the Platinum Blog, where you can find even more insight from designers at Platinum Series.

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