Chapter Two. Photo by Margaux Anbouba.

5 Local Shops to Buy Coffee Table Books

Let the reading (or at least looking pretty) begin!

To us, coffee table books have two functions: some are meant to be read, and others are meant to just sit there and look pretty. Regardless of what you’re looking for in a coffee table book, here’s our list of favorite places to pick one up.

  1. Chapter Two. This place (pictured above) is pretty pretty. From the shagreen wall covering to the sleek lighting, we could spend all day checking out books in Brian Bolke’s 200 square-foot space.
  2. Half Price Books. Are you the kind of person who loves to find at a good deal? Then it’s time to stop by one of the many HPB locations and dig around for some scores.
  3. Laura Lee Clark. This Design District shop is a good place to find unique books on an assortment of topics. They’ve also got a great selection of candles, which (obviously) pair perfectly with a coffee table book or three.
  4. Taschen Library. Reading is sexy, especially when you’re picking up a book from this shop at the Joule. Peruse the shelves for tomes from the luxury German publisher by the same name.
  5. Mecox. This store is a one-stop-shop: pick up a new coffee table, lots of books, plus whatever accessories you need in one place.