Print #1: Wood N1, By Romina Bacci

Giveaway: Miles of Light Prints

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We first discovered local Etsy shop Miles of Light when West Elm started carrying local artisans in their Mockingbird Station shop. We loved the prints so much, we featured one in our May/June issue. (Page 52—we’ll wait while you go check it out.)

We later found out that Miles of Light owner Romina Bacci is a really cool lady. So cool, in fact, that she’s given us two 8 x 10 prints to give away to you, our lovely readers. Check out the spotlight on her shop below, and enter to win the prints: WoodN1 (Print #1) and Animal Collective (Print #2).

Print #2: Animal Collection, by Romina Bacci

D Home: What’s your background?
I’m a graphic designer from Rosario, Argentina, the land of asados, maté and dulce de leche (yes, I smuggle the last two back to Texas during my travels). I’ve always had a passion for photography and I began to experiment with it when I moved to the US with my husband ten years ago.

D Home: When and why did you want to open an Etsy store?
I have a bit of an obsession with bringing natural elements inside and I’ve been collecting all kinds of leaves, stones, twigs, flowers, feathers, seeds; anything really, and storing them in boxes. I couldn’t display it all. So I had this idea of taking pictures of them, and the botanical series were born. Then in 2009 I decided to open an online store on Etsy to sell some of these prints.

D Home: Where do you find your inspiration from?
Nature is great inspiration, everyday images inspire me as well, but the isolation of the elements, the collages or the organized collections and the structures I create definitely come from within.

D Home: What’s your favorite thing to photograph?
Hard to think of one favorite thing to photograph. . . but I love flowers, food, and trees at the moment.

D Home: What else would you like our readers to know?
I dream of expanding Miles of Light into a home and everyday accessories line, and I’ll be incorporating new items such as pillows, kitchen towels, cheese boards, wooden spoons, scarves, and jewelry pieces in the near future. Yes, you can expect to see some textiles and some wood around here. Also I’ve just launched some (toy) animal prints for kids, so this print I’m giving away is the first out of my studio!

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