Bell’Invito and Nest Owner Heather Wiese Alexander’s Favorite Things

We'll give you a sneak peek: she loves monograms, makeup, and massages.

Heather Wiese Alexander is one busy lady. An avid chef, graphic designer, and  D Magazine most beautiful winner in 2008, she’s also got a mesmerizingly beautiful home in the Park Cities. Oh yes—there’s also her two companies that we frequently feature in the pages of our hallowed D Home: Bell’Invito, a luxury stationery and engraving company, and Nest, the Knox-Henderson shop that features cool and unusual art, furniture, knickknacks, and more. We’re excited about her new DIY digital bespoke products on Bell’Invito’s website. There are more than 75 save-the-dates, invitations, and menus that you can design online and they will print. (Luxury printing of course, which means letterpress, engraving, and foils.) Wondering what inspires and nurtures all of this fabulous style? Us too, so we asked. And she answered! Check out all the details below.

1. “My Unmade Bed” by Michele Taricco. It hangs in the middle of my living room. I love hearing what guests read into this panting. Michele Taricco is a hyperrealist painter I began following during a semester abroad in Italy. His work is intoxicating, and after having the pleasure of meeting him recently, I cherish the piece even more.

2. I like reading old mystery novels like Agatha Christie and Charlotte Armstrong. My mind is always trying to solve problems, so an escape into another world is good for my soul and still allows my brain to do what it loves.

3. I adore Melissa’s Cupcakes. And yes, I will have them shipped in from New York. There is nothing else similar.

4. My monogram engraved on stationery. I fell in love with taking a fresh approach to classic, traditional design years ago. My monogram designs get applied to everything imaginable—chair covers, bedding, lampshades, doormats, barware—everything! So there is something sweet and simple about seeing one of my first monogram designs (my own) engraved on to a note as I scribble out a few lines. It actually has a calming effect on me somehow. It’s a little reminder of who I am and what’s important to me.

5. One of my favorite things to do in Dallas is get a massage at the Stoneleigh.

6. Napoleon Perdis eye makeup. My favorite makeup artist clued me in on this brand. I’m absolutely hooked on the rich colors and the application smoothness of this line. It’s genius.

7. Jasmine green tea pearls from Harrods is a go-to. If there is a limit of green tea-per-day one should consume, I am certain I have exceeded it. It’s my big girl pacifier, and it truly works.

8. My rose gold Issey Miyake tote, special order from Nest in gold, but other colors available in stock. This is one of those totes I know I will carry for years. I had it with me in a factory in Italy where I was talking handbag designs with a leather manufacturer that produces for many “names-you-know.” I was so surprised when they were all so impressed with my bag. I kept being asked if they could touch the bag and hold it. They inspected every inch, and somebody remarked “we cannot figure out how to do this! It’s so beautiful.”

9. A nice hot detox bath with Elemental Herbology Detox serum. I’m a bath girl, and my tub is my heaven.

10. A LOLita cocktail from Oak.

11. Pasta seasoning salts from Nest. I will not make pasta anymore without these. For whatever reason, a couple of these tabs in the boiling pasta water makes a noticeable difference in the taste of the dish. It’s a staple in my kitchen. About 2 years ago, we ran out of them at Nest, and I think Donald has never been more annoyed with me asking when a product was going to arrive.

12. I love Instagram. It’s my social media platform of choice and pretty much the only one I use these days. Follow me at @hgwalexander.