Your master bedroom is definitely worth splurging on.

At Home with Tracy Martin Taylor: To Save or to Splurge?

Tracy Martin Taylor, the decor maven behind Eleven 11 Design, wants to help you beautify your home in 2014. Once a month she’ll be stopping by the D Home world headquarters to share a little interior design insight with us. Today, let’s take a trip with her.

There are times when the dress off the rack is perfect for any occasion. (Who am I kidding? That’s every day right?) We are in Dallas, the #2 market in the country for shopping, so we can pretty much find the perfect ensemble any day, any time. You splurge on the NYE outfit for the party of the year but not so much on the Friday night happy hour. Well, we are in Dallas, so maybe happy hour is a splurge…I digress. And when it comes to the statement heels, power suit or your wedding dress, you pull out all the stops.

Your home is no different. There are places to save and places to splurge. When we are managing a client’s project budget, function and focus are keys to deciding how and where to invest. Here’s a quick checklist of how to decide what’s worth it and what’s not:

Master: This is your happy place. Make this room the place you think of in the middle of the day. Don’t be tempted by the bedding sales in your inbox, custom bedding is worth the investment. The same goes for your master bath. If you love Carrera marble, this is the place to spurge on it. Your master bedroom should not resemble anyone else’s. Period.

Guest Rooms: Depending on the traffic yours gets and the typical resident, this room’s needs can vary. If your mother-in-law visits a lot, you should splurge on a comfortable bed with luxurious bedding. The other elements of the room don’t need to be exquisitely made, just functional and reflective of your home’s style. Keep the palette neutral and the design will last. Oh, and a portrait of said MIL wouldn’t hurt. Kidding.

Finishes: When remodeling or building, consider your master and kitchen are the places worthy of your dream tile, quartz, or marble countertops and high-end plumbing and light fixtures. The smaller bathrooms don’t need to break the bank.

Powder Room: See my previous musings on this but splurge on the wallpaper, a fun piece of art or an interesting vintage mirror. This is the place all your guests will see.

Kid’s Rooms: Obviously your baby will be a kid, then a teen, and then they leave. (None of us are ready to face that but still…) Their likes will change so if you invest in solid furniture, quality curtain rods and neutral linens, the details of the room can change. You can give the room many facelifts without replacing the basics.

Art: It’s always worth the investment if it really speaks to you. Any focal point in the home is a great place to feature a piece of art that is unique and original. We are tempted by art that is easy to acquire, mass produced and ready to hang, which is necessary for most homes. But you’ll long appreciate an addition to your walls that exists only there.

Even a healthy design budget requires strategic choices. Think about how you use your space and how it’s seen to others to get the most out of your project. And remember, if you love it, it will work.

Love your space,