photo by Jason Anderson

Take a Peek into Museum Tower

Is this space worth the hefty price tag?

Ever wondered what the inside of one of Dallas’ most controversial buildings looks like? Yup, we’re talking about Museum Tower. If so, we’ve got the exclusive tour, just for you.

Contemporary furniture store Cantoni recently outfitted one of Museum Tower’s model units, which is a three-bedroom, three-bathroom space that’s roughly 3,049 square feet. Cantoni designers Elizabeth Lewis and Josh De La Fuente equipped the house furniture and artwork from their store, which perfectly vibes with the contemporary architecture.

Cantoni Model Home at Museum Tower_Master Bedroom.jpg
Cantoni designers custom built this jewel-toned headboard for the master bedroom


Cantoni Model Home at Museum Tower_Main Living Space.jpg
The living, dining, and den spaces.


“The main idea with a high rise space like this is to create separate areas that are divided, but flow into each other,” Josh said. The duo decided to transform the third bedroom into an at-home office, while the second bedroom can be used for children or a guest.

Cantoni Model Home at Museum Tower_Guest Bedroom.jpg

Cantoni Model Home at Museum Tower_Office.jpg
The third bedroom in the apartment has been turned into an at-home office.

The partnership between Museum Tower and Cantoni is symbiotic — people touring the property will be able to imagine what the apartment looks like once it’s become a home, and all of the furniture is for sale.

What do you think of the space? Is it worth the hefty price tag?

Photos by Jason Anderson


  • Ernest Camus

    Just hideous. Or, alternatively, a nice doctor’s waiting room vibe. D, are you trying to bankrupt the fireman’s pension fund?

  • Donovan Lord

    Feels soulless. Of course, that’s what you get when you get a furniture store to ‘design’ your condo.