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Spring Flowers from Tommy Mitchell Arrive at Avant Garden

Transform spring into the gilded age.
The cocktail table is now available at Avant Garden.

The ladies of D Home have been completely charmed by the work of Tommy Mitchell, which was part of the decor at our party celebrating the best interior designers in Dallas. His line was recently picked up by Avant Garden, and features mixed materials like lucite, copper, and tin covered with realistic or golden paint.

Tommy’s hand crafts his nature-inspired designs in North Carolina, and draws inspiration from his youth. 

“My childhood was filled with flower gardens displayed against houses, fences, bird baths, or took up the extra garden row,” Tommy says. “There was not a lot of planning to it, but an ordered chaos sort of beauty, a design aesthetic I still appreciate.”

His gilded flowers and cocktail tables will add a bit of the whimsical outdoors to your indoors. Any floral enthusiast would love to see their favorite bloom reincarnated into a golden bloom that lasts forever.

The butterfly cocktail table ($1,900), gilded orchid, gilded hollyhock, and gilded agapanthus ($1,220 each) are all available at Avant Garden.