Real Estate Report: Would You Rather?

House or island? Mansion or painting? You decide.

We here in Dallas love real estate. At present, the market has swung in favor of sellers. Inventory is low; prices are higher; and lots of people are looking to make the move to or around the Big D.

Out of curiosity, we’ve been looking at what’s for sale in Dallas at different price points. (Last week, we looked at $350,000.) This week, our curiosity leads us to our own edition of “Would You Rather?—our take on a slumber party classic. Here’s how it works: What can you get for the price of some local mansions and condos? More importantly, would you rather have the place to live or the fancy alternative? We’ll let you decide.

First up: Would you rather have  Turtle Island in the South Pacific or this stately home located at 9520 Hathaway Street?


Both of these will cost you just under $5 million. Turtle Island, for sale via my new favorite daydreaming site, Private Islands Online, is located off the coast of Queensland, Australia. The 23.25 acre island comes already developed with a 4-bedroom/5-bathroom home, private pool (because the ocean just isn’t enough), a helipad, private jetty, and expansive botanical gardens. Want to spend your millions a little closer to home? This Preston Hollow mansion is situated on 1.44 acres close to a variety of private schools. Built in 2004, the home is 11,272 square feet, and has 7 bedrooms, 9.1 bathrooms, a pool with fully equipped cabana, sports court, and media room.

Already have an island? Well, you’ll probably need a private jet to get there. That leads us to the next choice.

plane vs home.jpg.jpg

This 2007 model Hawker 400xp will set you back $2.95 million. It seats eight passengers, is upholstered in Arctic beige leather (sounds fancy!), and has two fold-out tables where you can sign business deals at 50,000 feet. For slightly less—$15,000 less to be exact— you could purchase this two story Mediterranean-inspired abode in Highland Park. It’s at 3504 Saint Johns Dr. It has 5 bedrooms, 5.2 baths, a three-car garage, and outdoor and indoor fireplaces for entertaining.

If a private jet or private island doesn’t tickle your fancy, let’s talk about a cool car.


The house, located at 8511 Blue Bonnet Rd., and the Maybach Landaulet will both set you back a cool $1.38 million. First, let’s talk about this car. For those of you not in the know, a Landaulet has a vintage car body style similar to a limousine—but the roof over the backseat can be removed to create a convertible. This vehicle gets 10 miles in the city, and 16 on the highway, which is pretty much terrible gas milage. The passenger seats are fully reclining, and there is a fancy entertainment system for you to enjoy while being chauffeured in your half-convertible car. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come equipped with a refrigerator, which means you can’t live in it. But you can live at 8511 Blue Bonnet Rd., which boasts 6 bedrooms, 6.2 bathrooms, and a pool. The house, located in Bluffview Estates, was built in 1939, but has been renovated to include a second master bedroom, game room, mud room, and library.