Pinterest Meets Practical: Gilded Opulence

The Olympics may be over, but you can still go for the gold.

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Gold is my favorite color. Not like the brownish-yellow-excuse-for-gold, but the hard, shiny, metallic stuff. Anyone that’s seen my jewelry collection or anything to do with my wedding can vouch for me on that one. My personal kryptonite has been all over Pinterest lately and even the smallest gold accents make a space at least seven times more luxurious. It’s been scientifically proven. Now before you bust out the gold spray paint and King-Midas your digs, let’s look at some strategic buys and DIYs to achieve desired level of luxury.


The gilded dresser in the picture is actually an Ikea hack, which you can find the tutorial here. It’s one of the DIYs on my Pinterest that I legitimately plan on doing when we get a place. All they did was take a boring wood Ikea dresser, paint it, and then added some brass corner brackets and pulls, as well as added some gold leafing detail.

Let’s be real, nothing says luxury like a gold animal’s bust mounted on your wall (made of a PETA-friendly, lightweight poly-resin material). It’s a fun statement piece with a little bit of an edge, but if you think you may be even edgier than a golden deer head, why don’t you go for this mounted unicorn’s head instead? Again, don’t worry, no real unicorns were harmed in the making of this piece.

This simple desk lamp adds just the hint of gold your work space needs. Taking inspiration from this photo, compliment the gold fixture with some metallic and acrylic office supplies. This sunburst mirror would be the perfect focal point above your bed or above your living room sofa. Either way gold, think of gold as a neutral — it can go with nearly any décor and style. These Gatsby-esque pillows would pair nicely with some colorful mates, maybe in fuchsia?

And last but not least, finish the space off with a foil-printed Made By Girl print. Whoever this girl is, she just gets me. Now go put your feet up on your gold poufs I already told you to buy and enjoy your luxuriously golden home.

Monica would like to dedicate this post to her very luxurious friends, Justin Day and Austin Landes.