Image via The Interior Stylist

Look, Play, and Sit Pretty with The Interior Stylist

Style, simplified.

Brooke and Laura, gal-pals turned business partners.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from growing up here, it’s that Dallas ladies are very busy. Sometimes, it’s hard to get everything together when you’re entertaining: a great outfit, a beautiful space, and the perfect place setting. Cue The Interior Stylist.

Co-conspirator Ryan Conner sent me their website with one request: find out more. And since I’m as good as my word, I did a Q & A with the Interior Stylist duo, Brooke Cariker Inabnett and Laura Wagner Hilton, who both hail from Oklahoma.

The Interior Stylist offers three services: home styling and consulting, wardrobe styling, and event styling. This means not only finding new pieces for your home and closet, but also working with your existing repertoire. They hope not only to simplify your life, but also make it a little (or a lot) more stylish.

Where did the idea for The Interior Stylist come from? 

Brooke: The idea came from me wanting to combine my passion for interior design and fashion under one business plan. And having the nerve to finally go for it!  With my super stylish friend (Laura) moving back to Dallas, it was the perfect opportunity to ask her to come on board to combine our experience and similar passion to offer three services to our clients: interior, wardrobe and event styling.

Why did you want to have your company be a one-stop shop, opposed to focusing on just interiors, events, or fashion? 

Brooke: I felt there was a unique opportunity to offer three services for one’s “interior”— home, wardrobe, and event styling — to help our clients simplify their lives and feel more stylish. Interior design and fashion go hand-in-hand, one often influences the other. Usually, if someone has good style it permeates every facet of his or her life. We’re here to help you find your own style.

How would you describe Dallas interior design and fashion style?

Laura: I have found that Dallas is very progressive when it comes to fashion and very forward thinking. I have lived in many places and I believe it ranks right up there in terms of fashion choices. People aren’t afraid to take chances and be themselves and express themselves through their fashion.

Brooke: From what I’ve experienced, Dallas is fairly traditional when it comes to interiors, although I’m seeing a more contemporary approach lately. Most people don’t buy furniture that often; they tend to stick with what they have. I think you can always use classic items and give traditional spaces an update or a twist with accessories — mixing traditional elements with modern touches. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it.

Whats your favorite spring fashion trend?

Laura: it would have to be the use of florals. I have always been a little more on the edgy side but I find myself gravitating towards this fun and flirty feel for spring.  Even if you aren’t ready to fully embrace this trend through a dress you can always incorporate the trend with a shoe or handbag and ease your way in. The color palette is so pleasing to the eye and I love getting back to feeling girly and playful.

Brooke: Pastels, graphic and floral prints. You can’t go wrong with any of those choices for this upcoming spring season.

Whats one interior design item you cant live without? 

Brooke: Original artwork. It doesn’t have to be expensive or from a well-known artist, but having an original piece of art in your home is the best way to personalize your space. Some of my favorite pieces in my home came from estate sales and relatives.

Laura: A great light fixture. It can transform any space and be the focal point all on its own.

Whats your favorite room in your home?  

Brooke: My office. It’s in the middle of a renovation. We’re transforming a room into a new workspace. It’s not done yet, but I can’t wait to see how the dark grey walls and built in bookshelves will turn out. I love a project!

Laura: I tend to spend a majority of my time in my bedroom working from the laptop but the kitchen is also a top choice for me due to my love of cooking. Cooking has become another creative outlet for me and allows me to create even in my kitchen.