Pinterest Meets Practical: Shaggy Bedroom Chic

Keep calm and pin on.

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Interior design can be daunting, especially for a gal with an inspiration board full of awe-inspiring digs. But wife-to-be Monica Lake is here to tackle the challenge of creating a Pinterest-worthy room on a budget. Through her series “Pinterest meets Practical” she’ll take a do-it-yourself approach to transforming your home from dream to reality with the help of pieces from local shops.

Nothing says “come snuggle and never leave — not even work” like a cozy bedroom with furry accents. No, I’m not talking about cats (this time). I’m talking about the trend that has swept Pinterest with its luscious locks of fur. Your bedroom is a place you spend half your life in (sleeping, but still), so make it you, and keep it updated! It really is worth the smile you’ll get every time you walk in the room.


Okay, it’s time to stop ranting about how much I love furry things, because I think everyone gets it. But. . . placing these bad boys at the foot of your bed is also practical.  How many times a week do you fall while you a) put on too-tight skinny jeans or b) wedge your feet into heeled boots? Oh wait, just me? Regardless, they make life a little easier and they’re a great way to frame your bed.

I also adore this spherical chandelier from Target — it looks soft and fuzzy. It also adds some great vertical space and helps tie the room together. The gold lamp is the perfect size for a bedside table and gives some glamour to the area, adding a little sparkle to the room’s neutral palate.

Now, depending on your wall color, which is an easy DIY if you want to change it, you can go for bedding with a more neutral print like this picture, or a more vibrant hue as seen here if you’re a little more adventurous. (If your not a big fan of patterns, this adorable striped Kate Spade duvet is on sale!)

To top the room off obviously you need some furry throw pillows. West Elm has them in every color of the fur-rainbow and will go with whatever bedding you have. Its a win-win, really (except for the lamb, RIP).