Learn How to Catch Some Zzz’s at Cantoni

This lecture won't be a snooze, but it'll help you catch some.

Look as well rested as Dr. Neil Stanley after attending the seminar.

It’s Monday, and we know, you’re tired. But was it from all the fun you had this weekend, or is something deeper going on?

Last week I chatted with Dr. Neil Stanley, a sleep expert with over thirty years of experience in, well, watching people sleep. And teaching them how to do it properly — can you believe you could have been doing it wrong this whole time? Stanley will be speaking about how to get a good night’s sleep at Cantoni this Thursday from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., celebrating the one-year anniversary of the store’s sleep studio. The event is open to the public, all you have to do is RSVP here. Besides the lecture, there will be healthy bites from Savor’s chef Deb Cantrell, and lots of luxury mattresses for you to try out.

“Sleep is such a multi-faceted topic,” Stanley says. “It touches every aspect of our lives because everything in your life is affected by it. It’s the bedrock of health, happiness, well-being, inter-personal relationships, diet, exercise.”

He’ll share tips on how to get the best sleep possible — especially when it comes to living in a world where technology connects us 24-7.

“We live in a world that is obsessed with feeling and looking good, and people spend a lot of time and effort doing things that are of limited effect in achieving that. They forget the one thing that does make you feel good on a daily basis: getting a good night of sleep.”

This month, we’ve been talking about loving our spaces. So when you’re doing an extreme home makeover, don’t overlook your bed. We know you’ll want new bedding, and maybe a new frame, but what about your mattress? Making the investment could make the difference between feeling tired in the mornings or waking up rested.